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Survival - Inspiration & Hope, Author and Speaker Irene Butter, Survivor of the Holocaust

January 27, 2021 Thom Pollard Season 3 Episode 68
The Happiness Quotient
Survival - Inspiration & Hope, Author and Speaker Irene Butter, Survivor of the Holocaust
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This powerful episode revisits an inspiring interview of hope with Holocaust survivor Irene Butter. For the thousands living today who survived that period in history, when the Nazi’s reigned terror around the world and attempted to rid the world of those who they deemed were a threat to their so-called superior race, the memory is a daily experience. Irene, like many, has chosen to honor those who lost their lives by telling us her story. 

Today we share a condensed interview with Irene first conducted in October of 2019. That interview, given the events of January 6, 2021 in the United States Capitol Building, are ever so poignant.

Today, marking the Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2021 for CNN, Irene wrote:

"Now, 75 years later, I see something I never imagined: echoes of the Nazis and their regime. What happened in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, was an attempted coup of our government and an unraveling of the democracy that protects all of our rights. I saw a T-shirt with the words "Camp Auschwitz," as well as other anti-Semitic symbols and slogans used by the rioters.

Decades earlier, I heard an interview on the radio with Auschwitz survivor and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, who said, "If you were in the camps, if you smelled the air and heard the silence of the dead, then it's your duty to be a witness and tell the stories." It took me 40 years to start talking, and I am not finished yet."

Here's the full article by Irene:

In this gripping and moving interview we discuss Irene's experiences of surviving the Holocaust and also talk about her book, written by Irene herself with the help of two old friends, John Bidwell and Kris Holloway, who helped bring Irene’s story of hope and inspiration to life. 

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