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Jamie McGuinness, On Being a Sherpa and the David Sharp Story on Everest

June 01, 2021 Thom Pollard Episode 83
The Happiness Quotient
Jamie McGuinness, On Being a Sherpa and the David Sharp Story on Everest
Show Notes

Episode #83 is an amazing story of Mount Everest with six time summiter and the climber leader of our 2019 expedition to search for the body of Sandy Irvine, New Zealand's Jamie McGuinness. 

The original intent of my interview with Jamie was to talk about the expedition of ours in 2019, which has since become a National Geographic film called Lost on Everest and is the subject of a book by NY times bestselling author Mark Synnott called THE THIRD POLE, MYSTERY OBSESSION AND DEATH ON MOUNT EVEREST….which we did talk about.

However, in starting our interview I asked Jamie about what it was like working as a sherpa on expeditions back in the day. The Sherpa are incredibly strong, almost super human, adapted over centuries of living at high altitude to be stronger and faster at altitude...and Jamie joined their ranks….THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING. 

In explaining this, Jamie began telling me about the story of David Sharp, the English mountaineer who died near the summit of Mount Everest in 2006. His death caused controversy and debate because he was passed by a number of other climbers heading to and returning from the summit as he was dying, although a number of others tried to help him. Jamie knew David very well, and tells a full breakdown of one of the most tragic stories in recent history on Everest. 

In that story he also shares about the story of Lincoln Hall, an Australian climber, who during that same year that David Sharp lost his life, he was reported to have died….then, miraculously, survived. Jamie was on the front line of that story. 

He shares about it all here, on The Happiness Quotient.

Here’s my May 2nd, 2021 conversation with one of the strongest climbers from New Zealand since Sir Edmund Hillary….

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